List of series I want to finish

Right, this is a rather different sort of list, this are series I’ve started at some point and I would really like to finish, either that season or I’m currently waiting for the next one. Here we go!

1.-Bones: one of my favorite series ever! Action, science (of which I probably understand 5%, yet I find it fascinating!), a little romance and humor… this one has it all. I’ve cried, laughed and hugged a cushion tightly to my chest out of fear. I loved it.

2.- Game of Thrones: what an amazing story! Knights, honor, backstabbing royal families, armies, dragons, sword fighting, dire wolf, court life, horses, everything a good medieval setting should have. Plus, the script is amazing and the performances great. And every chapter leaves you in such a cliffhanger! 2012 Better come quickly or else I will end up spoiling the fun and reading the books!

3.- Spartacus: An other action, and fighting series, yet this one takes a little too far. I wouldn’t watch it with my mother next to me, but I like it. It has good fighting sequences, betrayal and deceit.

4.- Downton Abbey: granted, I just watched an episode five minutes ago when I decided to do this list, yet I loved it. Upper class England, heirs to a huge house (and I mean huge!) and the absolute wonderful Maggie Smith portraying the poshest mean lady you could ever think of. I’m looking forward for the next episode.

5.- Big Bang Theory: I couldn’t help but to mention it. I feel like a nerd at heart, so this particular series I feel so related to. I started reading the original X-men comics thanks to them (plus the new X-men movie: X-men First Class, which, by the way, blew me away). Those guys have made me laugh even in the worst days and you can always count on them. I really want the next season to come up because the last one ended with every fan with an “OMG” in their lips. Funny stuff.

6.- Lie to Me: I started watching this one and in definitely caught my eye, yet for some reason I haven’t been able to finish it. It has a good, talented cast and the episodes are very interesting. In addition, the main character is very (to my taste) funny, because he is rude to everyone, but a softie in the end.

7.- Gilmore Girls: the last one! I’ve always liked this series but when they took it from cable tv I lost all contact with it. Never knew how it finished (nor how it even started for that matter) but when I could still watch it on the tv I was very faithful to it. It’s fun, friendly and it leaves you with a good mood. And I love that feeling.

So, for now, this is my new list. I think I will be able to write the criticism for the next movie: “Akira” on Sunday, so I guess I will see you all then! In the mean time, please comment on my list and if you have any suggestions or opinions on the matter.

Take care!