Looks who is back!

Hi, invisible fictional character who I love writing to


So, out of the blue I remembered I have a blog. So why not check it out. There are many things I forgot I was doing! So, I read through the list I did about movies I wanted to watch and I’m actually surpriced about how quickly I forgot I even wanted to see them. Instead this huge curiosity of old movies came forth and for a very long while I saw nothing that was made after 1970. Have you ever wondered why this famous legends of the seventh art are legends? I mean, what was the big deal about them? 

So I watched a few movies… and I fell in love with Sir Laurence Olivier and with the absolutely lovely Greer Garson. They rock, big time. I also saw one made by Marilyn Monroe because I wanted to know what the fuss was all about. She is very pretty, in a naive  yet cheeky kind of way, but certainly not my favourite.

Anyway, I intend to watch many more films made in the old days. 

BTW, if you enjoy romantic films, but the ones that speak of true passion and not the “I fell in love in ten minutes” you must see a film called Random Harvest (1943 I think). It’s amazing. Honestly. It’s about a man who lost his memory in the war and he meets this woman (Greer Garson). They fall in love, get married and all and at some point he has an accident while in an other town and he completely forgets everything that happened between that day and when he originally lost his memory. He now remembers his name, his family and where he used to live, but has no recollection that he had gotten married or that he even had a son- the only thing he had was the key to his house and nothing more. Anyway, this movie is about how he cannot get on with his life because of those years he can’t remember and how she is constantly trying to make him remember her.

So, I guess that’s it for now, I’ll update when I have something more interesting to say than just blabbery. 

Have a nice holiday!