The mission impossible or maybe not so Impossible

Isn’t it sad when whay you want to do is forviden or there is no way you can do it because there are so many things that you AVE to do?
before i entered to university I would watch animes and tv series and would play guitar and hang out with friends. I didnt forget my studies, I had good grades and nail my get-in-to-university exam, but I miss those carefree days when I could watch tv without feeling guilty or could dedicate my time in learning a song in my guitar.
So, as a personal and rather “keep my sanity” mission I decided to make this blog. Hopefully, I will remain enthusiastic and motivated.

52 weeks, 52 movies/books/anime Ova/songs. Thats my plan.

The difficulty? They have to be brand new, meaning, it has to be something I have never seen/played/read before.

Here we go I guess.

First Movie: I guess I should start with Capote, since I have to watch it and do a paper on it by tuesday, but that would be cheating since I have seen a few bit of it. So: before next thursday, I should write about… Jane Eyre.