On time this time!

Hi, here we are again:

I sort of got addicted to writing in here, so I guess I will stop being so late for my own blog. Who would say?

Never the less, I have 2 mayor tests I REALLy should be studying for, so I’ll make this quick. I hate microeconomics… unless I learn to understand them and become bff. But I think for now it hates me… and I hate it back.

Now, as I promised, my criticism for Source Code:

The plot of the movie is somewhat confusing. We have this machine that can recreate a parallel world through a person’s memory. Apparently, when you die, your brain keeps all the data from your last 8 minutes, so this machine takes that data and creates this world. Confusing? Thankfully, in the movie they explain it better that me.

Anyway, there was this great explosion in a passengers train. It was done by a terrorist who also had a truck with a nuclear bomb in it and was going to make it explode in Chicago. So, the good guys use this machine to enter a man’s memory who happened to be in that same train so they can find the terrorist.

I’m not going to spoil your movie by telling you what happens next, so that would be it for the plot.

Good things about this movie: Jake Gyllenhaal.

Just kidding! He acts really great in this film though, you can believe that he was a soldier first and all. The rest of the cast did a good job too,  some more that others, of course.

The script is fair enough, I mean, they do explain that machine thingy well, but I had trouble understanding the end, thought it lacked something more. 10 seconds more ought to have done it.

All in all, is a good movie to go and see in the cinema with nice popcorn. Hopefully, the kid in the sit in front of you won’t have been taken there by force by his parents and will not be playing in his phone the whole movie, bugging your vision with the light from his screen, but who knows?

Can be enjoyed alone but it’s much better with friends, since you have someone to comment to, which is actually for the best if you get lost. which you won’t, but in any case it’s fun to go out with people.

So that’s all for now folks!

Hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

Have fun!