Thoughts about making bread

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to say: Happy 150th birthday to the London Underground! It’s silly, I know, but I found it impressive none the less. 150 years, can you imagine? I’ve use

d that underground many times, and there are many stations that I would have no doubt that at certain point trains that moved thanks to coal went through there. It makes me dizzy to think of the smoke and the smell (those stations were not exactly well ventilated).

Now, to the topic at hand. In a inspired moment I asked the lady who cleans in my house (I’m not sure the proper name in english) if she could teach me how to make bread. But why? You may ask and I will tell you. Quite honestly… If for some strange twist of fate that I would walk upon a time hole and be sent back to, say, 1600 I think that just by knowing how to make bread I could survive… maybe even sell some (granted, of course, that I’m not burned as a witch for my clothes and speech).

The human race has been making bread just a little while after agriculture was invented. It is a simple thing to do, it keeps t

he hunger at bay and it can be kept edible for a while if you know how to do it properly. Even an oven can be made on the go with mud and sticks (of course, If you know how to do it).

At least in my country (Chile) bread is a very important food. Any person who owns a bakery will always have a line of people ready to buy some and the smell of freshly baked bread can attract even the most strict of dieting people. There are few delights in this world better than the taste of just-out-of-the-oven-bread with butter that melts softly with the warmth.

So, in an attempt of paying homage to our ancestors I learned how to make it. And it was fantastic! 😀 The dough is so much fun to mix and manipulate! Then I had to do circles with it and it took me right back to my childhood when I played with play do, it was awesome. Now, I’m waiting for the timer in my oven to ring so I can check it out.


By the way, the whole thing about me falling into a time hole and living in the year 1600 trying not to get burned in the town square just just a joke. Actually it’s thanks to my grandfather that I wanted to learn. He once told my mother (when she was little) that she could never know whether she was going to be poor or rich in life, so she better learn how to cook with one onion. Just one, because you would never know if you could afford to purchase more. Learning how to make bread follows that line of thought, since, well, if the time came when I needed some extra cash I could always sell some.


Life has many ups and downs, and I rather be prepared to face the downs with at least a few skills other than the use of facebook and twitter.

Ooops! Time’s up! Be right back!

*About an hour later*

2013-01-09 15.09.29


Uff! That was some good bread! With loads of butter. I’m saying goodbye to my summer figure… but who cares! It’s yummy!

Well, that’s all for today, will see you next time!