Weekly Project n°1

HI! So, first edition of my weekly project! I explained it in a page of the same name, but I guess there is no harm in saying it again. Once a week, I’ll post one of my favourite pages or some interesting ones I’ll find along the way.

Since I had the idea yesterday I haven’t had much time to think on what would be my very first entry, so I decided to make it about the site I go to daily: 9gag.

9gag is basically a site were people post funny or cool pictures and videos. You can vote for the best ones and comment on what you thought about it (and it’s great, because, like in the entire internet, people fight or make really amusing comments and the sort). Sometimes when I don’t understand the joke I use the comments page- normally I’m not the only one who didn’t get it.

I should warn you though, that although 9gag is really amazing when you are taking a break from thinking (or in my case, studying) it can be addictive, because all of the pictures are posted in the same page, all at once, so all you have to do is scroll down and laugh. So, if you can’t really afford to waste time, put a timer for yourself and stick to it.

There are people who are annoyed that the page doesn’t post that many funny things and that no one really cares about cat pictures (that happens to be a fashion in the internet nowadays), but I think that 9gag has evolved from just a page for humor and became for entertainment. They still post memes, comics, and such, but also cool places in Earth, videos of remarkable people and their skills or a heroic thing they had done and, of course, things of the 90’s that this generation will never understand (poor them).

So that’s all for now folks, may you have a great time!