Uff! I’m so late!


I’m sorry I am late, things were crazy this week, and last… and pretty much all month. I started this new project in uni and it’s so time-consuming! Invent a business and earn $200.000 in pure profit, go! Hopefully, and with a little bit of cheating (we were $1.000 short) we made it 😀 (I mean, my teammates and me)

Apart from that, I’ve been sleeping very little, which tends to get my teeth on edge. But after presenting this project and after a horrible, nay, dreadful Calculus Exam due Saturday, I will be able to rest for a bit.

Now, for the movie criticism:

Jane Eyre

I had read a pocket version of the book, so I was somewhat familiar with the story, but I couldn’t remember all the details well. Anyway, I enjoyed it. It’s the sort of movie you wish to see on a rainy afternoon curled up with popcorn and a blanket. Can be watched alone or with someone, that someone preferably a friend who has the same tastes in romantic movies. I don’t know if it’s for all men’s tastes, but it has some suspense that, if you don’t know anything about the story, can be quite thrilling.

The performances are good and the script… well  one cannot be 100% in agreement with it, but it’s good none the less.

What I will say about the film, is that in the beginning can be confusing at best. They tried to make it as if Jane was remembering her past, but unless you know the story, you can confuse that little girl for her daughter or who ever. They didn’t get that part very well.

All in all, I liked it! Maybe I could watch it again in some months.

So, that was my little post for now. Maybe on saturday I’ll post again. But I wont be this late again! I’ll try!

So next movie shall be…


I can take sugestions as well

Have a great week everybody!