Coolest dreams so far

Hello everyone, hope you had a great day today.

 So, last night I had this extremely crazy dream, about a plane filled with soldiers that came down in WWII and was never seen since and a reporter (me) who found them. Apparently I figured out that they had actually landed safely somewhere deep in the Alps but on a secret German facility where they had been subject to drug testing that made them completely mad. They had forgotten how time was supposed to flow, and they still thought (and dressed and acted like) it was 1945. I was the first woman they had seen in all those years and it was all cool until the house keeper of the house told me to go with him and we left the “safe room” where all the soldiers stayed.

 As we walked through that manor where we were, I saw the former rooms of those soldiers, and to my astonishment were filled with drawings and broken things, much like a very old loony house from the movies. I was about to run away, having realized that the drug they had given them made them this crazy, when the house keeper hit me on the head and I passed out. When I woke up (in the dream) I heard him saying to his master that my presence (a female´s presence more like it) had been very beneficial to the “subjects” and that he should see about bringing more here, to continue their experiments on women. Then, I opened my eyes and saw that they had tied me to a tube and the master of the house told me “to get comfortable because i would never leave that place”.

 That’s when I woke up in real life. Cool wasn’t it? Of course, it had much more detail, but I don’t want to bore you. I’m thinking of maybe making it a story, so if I ever write it down (I’m not quite sure if I can express their emotions well enough) I’ll let you guys know.

 But returning to the subject at hand, it actually brings a question to my head: what has been your best dream so far? The coolest one.

 For me it’s hard to say, because dreams like the one I just told you are quite common for me. Dreams of adventures only found in movies I sort of have them all the time, so I think that for now, I will tell you about my top 3, that though this dream was quite cool, I wasn’t as cool as these.

 In third place I have one I dreamed about 5 years ago. I was a captain of a ship in a planet made completely out of ice. We were there because the ice giants were holding something captive, so we had to go and get it. My ship was made for those lands, for it would move along easily among the snow and the frost (don’t get too scientific with me, it was a dream after all). At one moment, we saw their castle, a huge structure made out of crystal, with amazing lights behind it, like the northern lights we have on Earth. But then, before my crew and I even thought about cheering, we where attacked.

Three giants with armour and maces made of strengthened ice attacked us. We had out canons and out guns, but they gave us a good fight. I remember I fought in one of the main poles, but I will never be able to know if the won or not because my alarm rang just as I jumped with my sword in the air to strike a giant down.

 Like it? Now comes the runner up!

 In second place, I have to say it was a hard choice, but the right one in the end. I dreamed I was the spirit of spring, melting the snows and making the flowers blossom on the fields. It was amazing, I flew most of the dream, with my huge wings that were not quite so, it was like if my arms were 2 meters long and each hand held one side of a very long white cape. As I flew, I saw in front of me a barren wasteland, that had nothing but dirt and dried out trees but when I passed it I saw grass beginning to grow, the trees growing more and leaves coming out of their branches and even some rabbits who, cautiously  left the safety of their burrows to explore. I passed over a river as well, that was almost dry, but when I left it, the water was flowing with energy and I could see all the fish there.

 That time I was also awakened by the sound of my alarm, telling me to wake up to go to school, but never the less, it was a great dream, even if it didn’t have an ending.

 And now, for the absolute best dream I can remember in my 20 years of living in this here land: the night I was a member of the Resistance in the rebellion against the allied forces of the zombies and the aliens. How is that for a start?

That night started with me and a group of volunteers who jumped eagerly into a Jeep to patrol the streets of Santiago (the city where I live) and shoot zombies with machine guns. In the sky, amongst the clouds, you could see thousands of alien ships in the air, shadowing over the city. We killed a lot of zombies before they dropped me off in the airfield, where my plane was ready for me to go and fight the enemy in the sky.

Flying planes is always fun in dreams, and this was a war plane, so it went very fast and all I had to do was to press a button and bullets flew by. I took about three aliens ships on my way to attacking their mothership, and boy was she huge. I reminded me of that alien ship in that TV series V, which I saw only the TV commercial. I emptied my ammo shooting that thing (and all the little patrol ships they sent after me) but it wouldn’t go down! Then, I got news from my commander that the main battle was being held in a park not far from where I used to live before the invasion, so I went there. To fight. And not fight anyone, but the big boss. A huge mass of something green that was destroying everything. We fought it bravely until my mother thought it wise to wake me up so I wouldn’t over sleep and miss the bus. Great, wasn’t it? Well, I guess you had to be there, on one of the most epic fights in the future history of the world.

 So what was your best and coolest dream?

 Share if you wish! If not it okey as well.