Review of The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

Hello everyone! Hope you are all really well!

So, I was thinking this afternoon of what my post today would be and I was at a total loss. Zero inspiration for writing something worth reading about. So then I decided to take a stroll and ended up buying a book. A book called “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky, that I have heard was good and decided to try it out. Read it out most like it.

I arrived home at 7 pm and at around 8 pm I started to read it. Give or take a few minutes for short breaks, I’ve just finished it around 15 minutes ago, that being, 11:42 pm. I know for many things that I’m a fast reader (specially since I mostly skip/read-very-very-very-fast the description bits) but this time I have to admit I devoured the book. No shame in it too.


 Because this book is devourable. It creates a world through the eyes of a character who has a unique point of view structured by his own ingenuity and naiveness. He is a child (at his fifteen years of age) who is entering in to the complicated world of young adults by the hand of his best friends, who are a about three years older than him and experience great emotional try outs. It’s a tale of learning about one self and discovering the world, with complex characters and a protagonist who tries to decipher the emotions of the people around him and his own memories as he grows up.

I love this book. It’s refreshing, it’s not a light book, although the way it is written makes it seem so, but as you reflect on what the characters are saying and of the things that are happening you realize this is not an easy read. Things that happen, even if they are told through the naive eyes of Charlie, the main character, are real and striking.


This is not a book I would recommend to a thirteen year old for her birthday, even if Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter) and Logan Leerman (Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) are actors teenagers would recognize. I think that a 16-year-old would enjoy it more, since that is the age of Charlie, and from that age up. The book does speak of more mature topics, such as the first time for sex and drug consumption  so if you want to give it as a gift for some teen you may want to read it first. But otherwise, I recommend it.

This book deserves to be read in a quiet afternoon with a nice cup of tea and in an environment that is open for reflection and discussion  Submerge yourself in this book, be part of their world and be friends with those characters, laugh with them, enjoy life as carefreely with them and grow as a person with their ups and downs.

May you enjoy it as I have.

Have fun!