Who is this????

Things you should know about me:

1.- I’m a girl

2.- I’m 20 years old

3.- English is not my first language, but so it happens I like writing in english. It helps me practice it. In case you were wondering, I speak spanish.

4.- I come from Chile… and proudly!

5.- I love watching movies and watching them again and again.

6.- I’m a scary cat who doesn’t like horror or deep suspense movies. I like to be relaxed when I watch, not stressed out at all.

7.- I’m a third year university student. I study Commercial Engineering (Ingeniería Comercial) which is something like Business and Economy mixed together.

8.- I’m a huge fan of epic fantasy books and movies. You are talking about a double huge Harry Potter fan here. The lord of the rings, Star Wars, Star Trek (which I WILL finish at some point), you name it. I’m also very into animes and mangas. I’m also very shyly entering the world of comic books, but no words on the subject yet.

9.- I love volleyball.

10.- Mmm, I think that enough for now.


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