Weekly Project n°3

Hi everyone! So today I bring you the third of my weekly projects. First I wish to say that I hope you all had a lovely holiday yesterday, even if you didn’t spend it with anyone in particular. Don’t be sad if you did, it doesn’t really mean anything if you think about it, so what if you were alone that moment of the year? It is not a rule.

I’m sorry for the nostalgia, it’s just in this time of year I’m usually separated from my boyfriend and is sucks. It sucks rotten eggs with pus. Sniff.

Anyway, let us continue with what we are here for.

Miniclip is a game site that has a huge variety of little games. Nope, it doesn’t talk about video games but has online games that you don’t have to download and could just go there and play for a while. It has multiplayer games as well, but I tend to run away from those, since I don’t really like to sign up to anything and all that jazz. No, this is a good site for when you have to kill some time, you want a break or simply because you want to play a game with no strings attached. Like when you used to play snake on your old mobile phone just for the sake of it.

Games I recommend  I rather not say anything because I don’t remember the games I’ve played there. Like most game websites, it has adventure, arcade, puzzle, sports, fighting and strategy games, so just browse in there according to your tastes.

Myself in particular have never been good with fighting games, sports I can bear for a while and adventure… as long as they don’t contain zombies. I HATE zombies. Truly. Hate them. I really like the arcade and puzzle ones, though.

This site has also a category called 5 minute… something. Just quick games for when you don’t have much time and still want to ease some tension from work or school.

Well, there you have it, I hope you have fun and take care!



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