Weekly Project n°3

Hi everyone! So today I bring you the third of my weekly projects. First I wish to say that I hope you all had a lovely holiday yesterday, even if you didn’t spend it with anyone in particular. Don’t be sad if you did, it doesn’t really mean anything if you think about it, so what if you were alone that moment of the year? It is not a rule.

I’m sorry for the nostalgia, it’s just in this time of year I’m usually separated from my boyfriend and is sucks. It sucks rotten eggs with pus. Sniff.

Anyway, let us continue with what we are here for.

Miniclip is a game site that has a huge variety of little games. Nope, it doesn’t talk about video games but has online games that you don’t have to download and could just go there and play for a while. It has multiplayer games as well, but I tend to run away from those, since I don’t really like to sign up to anything and all that jazz. No, this is a good site for when you have to kill some time, you want a break or simply because you want to play a game with no strings attached. Like when you used to play snake on your old mobile phone just for the sake of it.

Games I recommend  I rather not say anything because I don’t remember the games I’ve played there. Like most game websites, it has adventure, arcade, puzzle, sports, fighting and strategy games, so just browse in there according to your tastes.

Myself in particular have never been good with fighting games, sports I can bear for a while and adventure… as long as they don’t contain zombies. I HATE zombies. Truly. Hate them. I really like the arcade and puzzle ones, though.

This site has also a category called 5 minute… something. Just quick games for when you don’t have much time and still want to ease some tension from work or school.

Well, there you have it, I hope you have fun and take care!



Review of The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

Hello everyone! Hope you are all really well!

So, I was thinking this afternoon of what my post today would be and I was at a total loss. Zero inspiration for writing something worth reading about. So then I decided to take a stroll and ended up buying a book. A book called “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky, that I have heard was good and decided to try it out. Read it out most like it.

I arrived home at 7 pm and at around 8 pm I started to read it. Give or take a few minutes for short breaks, I’ve just finished it around 15 minutes ago, that being, 11:42 pm. I know for many things that I’m a fast reader (specially since I mostly skip/read-very-very-very-fast the description bits) but this time I have to admit I devoured the book. No shame in it too.


 Because this book is devourable. It creates a world through the eyes of a character who has a unique point of view structured by his own ingenuity and naiveness. He is a child (at his fifteen years of age) who is entering in to the complicated world of young adults by the hand of his best friends, who are a about three years older than him and experience great emotional try outs. It’s a tale of learning about one self and discovering the world, with complex characters and a protagonist who tries to decipher the emotions of the people around him and his own memories as he grows up.

I love this book. It’s refreshing, it’s not a light book, although the way it is written makes it seem so, but as you reflect on what the characters are saying and of the things that are happening you realize this is not an easy read. Things that happen, even if they are told through the naive eyes of Charlie, the main character, are real and striking.


This is not a book I would recommend to a thirteen year old for her birthday, even if Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in Harry Potter) and Logan Leerman (Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) are actors teenagers would recognize. I think that a 16-year-old would enjoy it more, since that is the age of Charlie, and from that age up. The book does speak of more mature topics, such as the first time for sex and drug consumption  so if you want to give it as a gift for some teen you may want to read it first. But otherwise, I recommend it.

This book deserves to be read in a quiet afternoon with a nice cup of tea and in an environment that is open for reflection and discussion  Submerge yourself in this book, be part of their world and be friends with those characters, laugh with them, enjoy life as carefreely with them and grow as a person with their ups and downs.

May you enjoy it as I have.

Have fun!



Reflections Thanks to an Antique Fair


Hello everyone! Hope you had a very nice weekend.

So, yesterday I went to a antique fair in the city were I’m on holidays. It’s a cool fair, it has many things that we don’t usually see and it sort of brings out a desire to know more about old things in me. I saw stamps being sold very cheaply, but then I saw others that were far too expensive for my very limited knowledge (I should probably say that for a long time I’ve told myself that I should start an stamp collection, but since I haven’t bought a folder were to put them nicely… better not).

With my family we have been many times there. If any Chilean reads this, its the one in Valparaiso, next to the Congress building. If you are not Chilean and you happen to read this, now you know that there is an antique fair that settles next to the Congress building in a city called Valparaiso. (Not to seem like a tourist guide, but if you ever go there, the fair is on Saturdays and Sundays .. and it’s a beautiful city filled with colour and inspires the imagination with it’s many little roads that go up and down the mountains. It’s a city for an adventurer)

Anyway, today I saw a very old cauldron made of copper and my imagination flew. I saw myself in 1850 New Zeeland  as the owner of a wool farm preparing a mean soup there, by the fire, with all the boys that helped me move our sheep from the mountains to our fields, so we can start the wool cutting and collecting process. Or maybe in southern Chile, same time, in a cottage somewhere deep in the countryside with a storm raging outside and a good onion soup on the making, just like my mother does it, a soup to bring the heat back to your veins.

I didn’t buy it, of course, I have no place to put in in my house, but it got me thinking about all the stories that ancient things have. Say the saddle a Spanish conqueror used when America was first discovered… how many things must have seen and heard? Not only wars and blood, but the longing of the men, their hopes and dreams of new life filled with riches and all. I find it extremely interesting to think about their state of mind… would they lie about who they had been? Brag about adventures and ladies they never had? Boys would be boys after all.

But then, maybe I don’t have to go as far as to mention a 400 year old saddle. Maybe there are things all over our own houses that hold many tales, of sorrow and joy, that we may never know.

I have an old family heirloom in my room, given to me by my grandmother. It is a very old little wooden chest with a little drawing at the top. It was my great grandmother’s and funny thing is that the chest has little burn marks in it. I never knew what they were about until my mother explained to me that my great-grandmother loved candle light, and she usually had candles all over the house. More that once she had fought with her husband about it, since he said that those candles were going to burn the house down at some point. It never happened, but now my chest has little burn marks made by those candles and it is a story that I would never forget.

Of course, in an attempt of figuring out their source I imagined the chest being stolen or surviving a great fire. I even made up a very amazing tale of two lovers who couldn’t be together so they used that box as a hiding place for their love letters that only they could find, and when one of them betrayed their love and got married, the other tired to burn the box but changed his mind. It never happened, luckily, but it could have made a very cool story.

So, that all for my reflections for the moment.

Take care everyone!!



Coolest dreams so far

Hello everyone, hope you had a great day today.

 So, last night I had this extremely crazy dream, about a plane filled with soldiers that came down in WWII and was never seen since and a reporter (me) who found them. Apparently I figured out that they had actually landed safely somewhere deep in the Alps but on a secret German facility where they had been subject to drug testing that made them completely mad. They had forgotten how time was supposed to flow, and they still thought (and dressed and acted like) it was 1945. I was the first woman they had seen in all those years and it was all cool until the house keeper of the house told me to go with him and we left the “safe room” where all the soldiers stayed.

 As we walked through that manor where we were, I saw the former rooms of those soldiers, and to my astonishment were filled with drawings and broken things, much like a very old loony house from the movies. I was about to run away, having realized that the drug they had given them made them this crazy, when the house keeper hit me on the head and I passed out. When I woke up (in the dream) I heard him saying to his master that my presence (a female´s presence more like it) had been very beneficial to the “subjects” and that he should see about bringing more here, to continue their experiments on women. Then, I opened my eyes and saw that they had tied me to a tube and the master of the house told me “to get comfortable because i would never leave that place”.

 That’s when I woke up in real life. Cool wasn’t it? Of course, it had much more detail, but I don’t want to bore you. I’m thinking of maybe making it a story, so if I ever write it down (I’m not quite sure if I can express their emotions well enough) I’ll let you guys know.

 But returning to the subject at hand, it actually brings a question to my head: what has been your best dream so far? The coolest one.

 For me it’s hard to say, because dreams like the one I just told you are quite common for me. Dreams of adventures only found in movies I sort of have them all the time, so I think that for now, I will tell you about my top 3, that though this dream was quite cool, I wasn’t as cool as these.

 In third place I have one I dreamed about 5 years ago. I was a captain of a ship in a planet made completely out of ice. We were there because the ice giants were holding something captive, so we had to go and get it. My ship was made for those lands, for it would move along easily among the snow and the frost (don’t get too scientific with me, it was a dream after all). At one moment, we saw their castle, a huge structure made out of crystal, with amazing lights behind it, like the northern lights we have on Earth. But then, before my crew and I even thought about cheering, we where attacked.

Three giants with armour and maces made of strengthened ice attacked us. We had out canons and out guns, but they gave us a good fight. I remember I fought in one of the main poles, but I will never be able to know if the won or not because my alarm rang just as I jumped with my sword in the air to strike a giant down.

 Like it? Now comes the runner up!

 In second place, I have to say it was a hard choice, but the right one in the end. I dreamed I was the spirit of spring, melting the snows and making the flowers blossom on the fields. It was amazing, I flew most of the dream, with my huge wings that were not quite so, it was like if my arms were 2 meters long and each hand held one side of a very long white cape. As I flew, I saw in front of me a barren wasteland, that had nothing but dirt and dried out trees but when I passed it I saw grass beginning to grow, the trees growing more and leaves coming out of their branches and even some rabbits who, cautiously  left the safety of their burrows to explore. I passed over a river as well, that was almost dry, but when I left it, the water was flowing with energy and I could see all the fish there.

 That time I was also awakened by the sound of my alarm, telling me to wake up to go to school, but never the less, it was a great dream, even if it didn’t have an ending.

 And now, for the absolute best dream I can remember in my 20 years of living in this here land: the night I was a member of the Resistance in the rebellion against the allied forces of the zombies and the aliens. How is that for a start?

That night started with me and a group of volunteers who jumped eagerly into a Jeep to patrol the streets of Santiago (the city where I live) and shoot zombies with machine guns. In the sky, amongst the clouds, you could see thousands of alien ships in the air, shadowing over the city. We killed a lot of zombies before they dropped me off in the airfield, where my plane was ready for me to go and fight the enemy in the sky.

Flying planes is always fun in dreams, and this was a war plane, so it went very fast and all I had to do was to press a button and bullets flew by. I took about three aliens ships on my way to attacking their mothership, and boy was she huge. I reminded me of that alien ship in that TV series V, which I saw only the TV commercial. I emptied my ammo shooting that thing (and all the little patrol ships they sent after me) but it wouldn’t go down! Then, I got news from my commander that the main battle was being held in a park not far from where I used to live before the invasion, so I went there. To fight. And not fight anyone, but the big boss. A huge mass of something green that was destroying everything. We fought it bravely until my mother thought it wise to wake me up so I wouldn’t over sleep and miss the bus. Great, wasn’t it? Well, I guess you had to be there, on one of the most epic fights in the future history of the world.

 So what was your best and coolest dream?

 Share if you wish! If not it okey as well.



Weekly Project n°2

 Hi all! How are you? I have to say I’m a little ashamed for not having posted anything in such a long time, but then again I figured it wasn’t such a good idea to promise frequent posts when I knew I was going to go on holiday to a place where I have no internet. How was I to post then? Bad timing on my part.

So, continuing with my weekly project I bring to you today a very cool site, were I have spent many hours learning cool, but really not useful stuff, which I love.

This site is called Cracked. What they do is basically have lists with exciting titles and explanations of why that certain things are in that list. Now, I now it sounds dull, but it isn’t. Not when the lists are something like: “The 6 Most Bizarre Things Ever Discovered in Space” or “6 Terrible Ideas That Science Says Will Save the Planet”, which they wont help you at all with your homework, but they are so much fun to read! I love the fact that they are written with humour and sometimes sarcasm, rather than in a formal fashion.


Seriously, I’ve read many lists in this site and they are always very refreshing. They have them on plenty of subjects too, from history to science-fiction to literature, so you just have to take your pick (3 Reasons Why Houdini was Way More Badass Than you Think). And do not get me started on government conspiration and freaky things that someone predicted at one point and it became true. The art of trolling, that has been present in our culture since people discovered that teasing other people was fun, is also recorded in this amazing site (The 6 Greatest Acts of Trolling in the History of Science)

So, for an afternoon of learning deep and useful information, pick a book and read instead of going into this site, that although it has sometimes deep reflection, you wont learn anything for school, but you will know everything about “The 11 Most Retarded Fictional Weapons”.

That’s it for today, I guess.

Take care everyone!


Thoughts about making bread

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to say: Happy 150th birthday to the London Underground! It’s silly, I know, but I found it impressive none the less. 150 years, can you imagine? I’ve use

d that underground many times, and there are many stations that I would have no doubt that at certain point trains that moved thanks to coal went through there. It makes me dizzy to think of the smoke and the smell (those stations were not exactly well ventilated).

Now, to the topic at hand. In a inspired moment I asked the lady who cleans in my house (I’m not sure the proper name in english) if she could teach me how to make bread. But why? You may ask and I will tell you. Quite honestly… If for some strange twist of fate that I would walk upon a time hole and be sent back to, say, 1600 I think that just by knowing how to make bread I could survive… maybe even sell some (granted, of course, that I’m not burned as a witch for my clothes and speech).

The human race has been making bread just a little while after agriculture was invented. It is a simple thing to do, it keeps t

he hunger at bay and it can be kept edible for a while if you know how to do it properly. Even an oven can be made on the go with mud and sticks (of course, If you know how to do it).

At least in my country (Chile) bread is a very important food. Any person who owns a bakery will always have a line of people ready to buy some and the smell of freshly baked bread can attract even the most strict of dieting people. There are few delights in this world better than the taste of just-out-of-the-oven-bread with butter that melts softly with the warmth.

So, in an attempt of paying homage to our ancestors I learned how to make it. And it was fantastic! 😀 The dough is so much fun to mix and manipulate! Then I had to do circles with it and it took me right back to my childhood when I played with play do, it was awesome. Now, I’m waiting for the timer in my oven to ring so I can check it out.


By the way, the whole thing about me falling into a time hole and living in the year 1600 trying not to get burned in the town square just just a joke. Actually it’s thanks to my grandfather that I wanted to learn. He once told my mother (when she was little) that she could never know whether she was going to be poor or rich in life, so she better learn how to cook with one onion. Just one, because you would never know if you could afford to purchase more. Learning how to make bread follows that line of thought, since, well, if the time came when I needed some extra cash I could always sell some.


Life has many ups and downs, and I rather be prepared to face the downs with at least a few skills other than the use of facebook and twitter.

Ooops! Time’s up! Be right back!

*About an hour later*

2013-01-09 15.09.29


Uff! That was some good bread! With loads of butter. I’m saying goodbye to my summer figure… but who cares! It’s yummy!

Well, that’s all for today, will see you next time!




Weekly Project n°1

HI! So, first edition of my weekly project! I explained it in a page of the same name, but I guess there is no harm in saying it again. Once a week, I’ll post one of my favourite pages or some interesting ones I’ll find along the way.

Since I had the idea yesterday I haven’t had much time to think on what would be my very first entry, so I decided to make it about the site I go to daily: 9gag.

9gag is basically a site were people post funny or cool pictures and videos. You can vote for the best ones and comment on what you thought about it (and it’s great, because, like in the entire internet, people fight or make really amusing comments and the sort). Sometimes when I don’t understand the joke I use the comments page- normally I’m not the only one who didn’t get it.

I should warn you though, that although 9gag is really amazing when you are taking a break from thinking (or in my case, studying) it can be addictive, because all of the pictures are posted in the same page, all at once, so all you have to do is scroll down and laugh. So, if you can’t really afford to waste time, put a timer for yourself and stick to it.

There are people who are annoyed that the page doesn’t post that many funny things and that no one really cares about cat pictures (that happens to be a fashion in the internet nowadays), but I think that 9gag has evolved from just a page for humor and became for entertainment. They still post memes, comics, and such, but also cool places in Earth, videos of remarkable people and their skills or a heroic thing they had done and, of course, things of the 90’s that this generation will never understand (poor them).

So that’s all for now folks, may you have a great time!